What the effin hell is 'Motion Design Muse'?! I hear you pondering.

Well, my friend, this is a monthly round-up of some of the most interesting animation and motion design projects I've found recently, aimed at marketing managers, video producers and animation lovers! 

The goal is to offer you up some top draw inspiration and light entertainment to break up your workday. I'll also occasionally throw in some top tips and free content. This month I've included a free ebook on how to get the best results filming from home.
As you may have heard, a small selection of my countrymen in the UK have taken to setting fire to 5G towers, because that's just what we need right now, slower internet speeds and disrupted comms!

Well, feast your eyes on this fun upbeat little number about the wireless spectrum, strangely they don't touch on any of the bizarre rumours.
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Greta Thunberg doesn't want your hope, she wants you to panic. She wants you to feel the fear and act like your in the midst of a crisis! Nope, this is not a COVID-19 video, she's talking about the environmental crisis. Cheers Greta, now I've got two bloody crises to deal with!

Joking aside, this is a beautifully animated piece to a powerful script. The creative transitions and mixed media approach make it a really stand-out piece of work.
Now something a little different.
What makes a great gif of cinemagraph? It's the unexpected. A small moment when something sticks out and breaks up the monotony. A flash that creates a 'smile in the mind'. Short looping videos can grab the attention of your clients and create memorable moments. There fantastic for websites and social media.
Hopefully these stunning examples will help you imagine how you can use animation in your next project. If you'd like to have a FREE no obligation consultation call with me (Luke Wilcoxson) to discuss you idea, get in touch.

Did you know, when the time is right to start your next project, we'll create a FREE 'Discussion Document' worth £600?
• Recommended look and feel for your target audience
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